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 New Community Managers & Moderator.

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New Community Managers & Moderator. Empty
PostSubject: New Community Managers & Moderator.   New Community Managers & Moderator. EmptyMon Apr 13, 2009 11:56 am

Congradulations to Movie Nights 2 new community managers BossMan and DarkAngel, I'm sure the will do well on improving the forum as it continues to grow. Also congrats to our new moderator SkiTTles as well. Her friendly posting skills and her continual patronage of the forum makes her a great addition to the forum.

I'm sad to say, that in fact I am moving up and giving my position as community manager up, but I will still be a member of this forum and will continue to help it progress. So you guys have nothing to fear. Cool
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New Community Managers & Moderator.
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