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 How to Play Fantasy Box Office

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How to Play Fantasy Box Office Empty
PostSubject: How to Play Fantasy Box Office   How to Play Fantasy Box Office EmptyThu Apr 02, 2009 3:39 pm

Fantasy Box Office game is very simple to understand. Players must join a league that is being ran by either a moderator or a crew leader. Once the player has joined a league they can start to make bids on movies for the UPCOMING weekend. The intial amount that every player in a league starts out with will be determined by the league operator. Which ever player in the league wagers the most on the movie BEFORE the weekend gets to own that movie. How much that the winning player invested into that movie will be deducted from that players account (which will be adjusted by the Crew Members and Moderators). The player will get back as much money as the movie makes on the weekend to his/her account. (Movies that are released on holiday periods or odd opening dates will have longer opening weekends.) All earnings will be rounded DOWN, for example if a movie makes 5.99 million in a week you will receive 5 million (consider that .98 a service charge fee.). All movie earning will go by what's listed on . What movies can be used in a league is what is set by the leagues crew or mod head. Any other rules will be determined by the specific rules set by the head crew or mod of the respective league.

Any questions? Open a new topic and we'll try to answer your question.

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How to Play Fantasy Box Office
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